It is well known in military circles that veterans’ skills are highly transferrable to the civilian work world: precise communication, individual accountability, strong goal focus, natural leadership, and teamwork. Nearly one-third of veteran job seekers are underemployed —a rate 15.6% higher than non-veteran job seekers. Underemployment contributes to a higher turnover rate among veterans in their first civilian job compared to non-veterans. It creates scenarios where veterans and their families must live paycheck to paycheck and are unable to create the financial security necessary to be productive members of their communities.

On-Installation Training

Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services is a proven leader in workforce development for veterans. Over the last seven years, Dixon Center and its partners have been instrumental to the expanding efforts to provide career-specific training on or near military installations across the country. This on-installation training provides high-paying, full benefit jobs to transitioning active duty, National Guard and Reserve component service members as well as their families. Dixon Center has ensured that these programs provide a pathway into the middle class, and ensured a level playing field with civilian counterparts, for more than 3,200 service members. All totaled, Dixon Center has impacted 149,600 individuals and organizations through our Workforce Development and Career Placement program since our inception in 2012.   

Workforce Solutions

Dixon Center offers solutions to bridge the civilian-military culture gap in order to inform and impact workplace hiring. Our Workforce Solutions educational program is designed to aid hiring managers across companies recruit and retain veterans and military family members. In 2018 alone we led seven sessions educating nearly 340 leaders on creating a culture that attracts and retains high-performing veterans.


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